Saturday, November 2, 2013

Utrecht Bach Cantata Services... BWV 79

Since many years, the first Sunday evening of the month is Cantata-time during the Bach Cantata services at the Geertekerk in Utrecht. Amateur orchestra and choir, pro-appeal, with young professional soloists in the solo parts. And a nice atmosphere...! No Christian lectures or anything like that, but a short intro about the cantata and rehearsing the final chorus, as you may sing along at the end. And, surprising, many young people who join in! This Sunday (November 3rd) Bach’s Cantata no 79 is on the playlist and as a preparation I’ve made a playlist and put it on Spotify. Performers are the Amsterdam baroque orchestra and Choir, Ton Koopman, conducting…

Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild BWV 79

Choir, strings, oboes, horns, timpani, bassoon, basso continuo

Sandrine Piau, soprano - Bogna Bartosz, alto – Klaus Mertens, bass

1- Chorus: “Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild”

2- Aria (Alto): “Gott ist unsre Sonn und Schild”

3- Chorale:“Nun danket alle Gott”

4- Recitative (Bass): “Gottlob, wir wissen den rechten Weg zur Seligkeit”
5- Aria (Soprano, Bass): “Gott, ach Gott, verlass die Deinen nimmermehr”
6- Chorale: Erhalt uns in der Wahrheit”


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  1. Beautiful.

    And with Ton Koopman

    I love how you say "No Christian lectures or anything like that"

    My regards to that lovely city.