Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gilbert Kaplan and Mahler 2 on Spotify - the businessman :-)

Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman with a mission; show the world what great piece Mahler's 2nd symphony is... He learned himself conducting with Mahler 2 as *only* item he conducts...
But... Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman, Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman and eh... Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman... Why? While others give a Bruckner or Mahler symphony in 4 or 5 tracks, Kaplan presents us the symphony in... 28 tracks; quindrupling the spotify earnings for this album, copyright "the Kaplan foundation" :-) (see picture below)

Smart man, Gilbert Kaplan...

Gustav Mahler, 2nd Symphony c-minor "Auferstehung"
Latonia Moore, Soprano
Nadja Michael, Mezzo-soprano
Wiener Singverein
Wiener Philharmoniker
Gilbert Kaplan, conductor
Recorded 2003
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Early Celibidache on Spotify - Part 2

A couple of days ago I posted a link to the 11 CD box of early Sergiu Celibidache live recordings.
The tapes used were 1st generation tapes, and, by far, the best transfers I heard of these performances.

While browsing through the live recordings I noticed some omissions, for example the Busoni violin concerto with Siegfried Borries from 1949 and the awesome Rapsodie Espagnole (Ravel) from 1948.
And… yes! Audite also restored these recordings. So here is a addenda to the last blog post, the complete RIAS (RADIO STATION) recordings 1948-57 with Sergiu Celibidache as conductor.

Extra info on the performances and track list here and here
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Early Celibidache on Spotify

Thanks to a post about Busoni’s Bereceuse élégiaque on a Dutch Facebook group, I could find this amazing collection of early Celibidache recordings. From 1945 till 1952 Celibidache was „principal conductor ad interim” of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, and shared the helm with Wilhem Fürtwangler till 1954. Then he was kicked out in favor of Herbert von Karajan…
I already heard some of these recordings on the shady, over filtered Quadraphone label, but through the post on the Facebook group I found first rate transfers on the Audite label. As metadata on Spotify lacks, I was very glad an extensive playlist (with date of recording!) could be found here on Musicweb international. Many unknown compositions, soloists, a killer Brahms 4 and a fascinating insight in the early career of Sergiu. Hope you will enjoy it as well!
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