Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gilbert Kaplan and Mahler 2 on Spotify - the businessman :-)

Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman with a mission; show the world what great piece Mahler's 2nd symphony is... He learned himself conducting with Mahler 2 as *only* item he conducts...
But... Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman, Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman and eh... Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman... Why? While others give a Bruckner or Mahler symphony in 4 or 5 tracks, Kaplan presents us the symphony in... 28 tracks; quindrupling the spotify earnings for this album, copyright "the Kaplan foundation" :-) (see picture below)

Smart man, Gilbert Kaplan...

Gustav Mahler, 2nd Symphony c-minor "Auferstehung"
Latonia Moore, Soprano
Nadja Michael, Mezzo-soprano
Wiener Singverein
Wiener Philharmoniker
Gilbert Kaplan, conductor
Recorded 2003
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