Sunday, October 20, 2013

So Classical, it's classic... 002 Mozart and Beethoven (plus Emil)

Some works are so well known... they actually aren't performed anymore...! 
I don't know if this is the case outside the Netherlands, but I've never seen "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" on any announcement or concert list... 
So, unashamed, I'll put it on the second "So classical, it's classic" list in-a-good-old-fashoned-vibrato-rich performance by Karl Böhm and the Wiener Philharmoniker. 

Some... conductors are (were?) so well known, yet seldom seem to attrack attention of the present day classical audiences. Ok, in the case of Herbert von Karajan not live, as he is no longer a-live, (although SO much filmed, I think with hologram techniques these days death is no longer an obstruction to conduct :-) but his once mythical status as glam-star on record has somehow been re-evaluated in recent years. What remains are some very polished, and in the case of his 1962 Berliner Philharmoniker recording of Beethoven's Eroica symphony, turbodynamic driven performances. To my ears still one of the best Karajan on record...

As an extra, a 1957 recording of Rudolf Kempe and the Wiender Philharmoniker with a featherlight Donna Diana overture by Emil von Reznicek. 
Hope you enjoy the re-encounters again! :-)

(one hour seven minutes familiar sounds...)

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