Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sandwich Stuff 001 (Mozart and Schumann, new records)

In classical concert programming, "the sandwich" is a good old formula. A concerto (for solo instrument and orchestra) is "sandwiched" between an overture and a symphony. Never change a winning team, so I have stolen that recipie to share two new and one older recordings with you. 
For the overture I picked Mozart's Nozze di figaro, played by Wiener Philharmoniker and conducted by Claudio Abbado (recorded 1994), as a connection to his new Schumann record (see below). 
Then, from the same composer Mozart's 21st piano concerto in shining C-Major KV 467, nicknamed "Elvira Madrigan", (a movie actually nobody has ever  seen, if you ask around...  :-) played by the "Gramophone young artist of the year" Jan Lisiecki. What I love about this recoring is the interplay between soloist and conductor (and a backround as Mozart pianist as well!) Christian Zacharias. As a spicy extra between both C-Major works is the overture from Robert Schumann's opera Genevova, maiden-is-rescued-by-night-in-nick-of-time, followed by his second symphony, op 61. Both are live recordings, made in the Vienna Musikverein in 2012 by the Orchesta Mozart and conductor Claudio Abbado. It's actually the first time Abbado has put a Schumann symphony on record in his 55 years career, amazing. Especially when you hear how fresh this work sounds in the hands of the aged (born in 1933!) maestro.
Hope you will enjoy these works!

(one hour twenty minutes playing time)

Abbado talking about the above Schumann live recording

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