Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Anja Harteros in Strauss, Brahms and Beethoven

Sometimes you have these CD’s that are only half successful. When soprano Anja Harteros started a 2009 recital with Haydn (too big), Beethoven (ok), Schubert (slow and unimpressive), and Schumann (missing the mark) I thought this was a wasted opportunity. But then, the night, a Richard Strauss song from 1885 and everything fell in to place… The voice fitted, the interpretation was spot on and the remainder of the CD glued me to the loudspeakers. I combined the successful part of the recital with a glorious 2009 recording of Strauss four last songs, live, with Mariss Jansons as conductor. The bonus is the two Beethoven songs from the recital, more opera arias than songs here, but a fine finish to this vocal playlist. 
Hope you will enjoy it a well…!

Richard Strauss
Track 01 Lieder, Op. 10: no 3, Die Nacht (1885)
Track 02 Lieder, Op. 37: no 3, Meinem Kinde (1897) 
Track 03 Lieder, Op. 39: no 4, Befreit (1897-8)
Track 04 Lieder, Op. 10: no 8, Allerseelen (1885)

Johannes Brahms 
Track 05 Lieder, Op. 59: no 8, Dein blaues Auge (1873)
Track 06 Lieder, Op.  3: no 1, Liebestreu (1853)
Track 07 Lieder, Op. 57: no 2, Wenn du nur zuweilen lächelst (1871)
Track 08 Lieder, Op. 96: no 1, Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht (1884)
Track 09 Lieder, Op. 49: no 2, An ein Veilchen (1868)
Track 10 Lieder, Op. 43: no 1, Von ewiger Liebe (1864)

Wolfram Rieger, Piano, 
Anja Harteros, Soprano
Rec 2009

Richard Strauss
Tracks 11-14 Vier letzte Lieder (1949)

Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Mariss Jansons
Anja Harteros, soprano
Rec Philharmonie im Gasteig, Munich 25-27 March 2009

Ludwig van Beethoven
Track 15 An die Hoffnung, Op. 94 (ca 1815)
Track 16 Zärtliche Liebe, WoO 123 "Ich liebe dich" (1794-5)

Wolfram Rieger, Piano, 
Anja Harteros, Soprano
Rec 2009

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