Thursday, December 28, 2017

An amazing color photo of Franz Liszt plus Beethoven on his favorite instruments

A playlist of a remarkable series of Beethoven Symphonies transcribed by Franz Liszt, played on a 1837 Erard and 1867 Blüthner piano, two of Franz Liszt favorite piano’s. 

But first a photo of Franz Liszt a few months before his death in 1886, enhanced and colored by Brazilian computer wizard Marina Amaral. Franz Liszt has never come closer to me, suddenly he looks me in the eyes and the composer becomes a real *person*.

As a worthy complementary, the above mentioned series on authentic Liszt pianos. The series a received “good, with some reservation” review on Classics Today and Classical Net, and ravingly positive reviews on the Classical MusicGuardian and the Gramophone
Well, here for you to try… 
Hope you will enjoy it!

Ludwig van Beethoven, transcribed for piano by Franz Liszt 

Track 01-05 Symphony, S 464: no 6 in F major    
Track 06-09 Symphony, S 464: no 2 in D major    
Track 10-13 Symphony, S 464: no 7 in A major   
Track 14-17 Symphony, S 464: no 1 in C major    
Track 18-21 Symphony, S 464: no 3 in E flat major    
Track 22-25 Symphony, S 464: no 8 in F major    
Track 26-29 Symphony, S 464: no 4 in B flat major    
Track 30-33 Symphony, S 464: no 5 in C minor    
Track 34-37 Symphony, S 464: no 9 in D minor    

Yury Martynov, 
1837 Erard and 1867 Blüthner piano
(Webplayer link)

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