Friday, March 24, 2017

A working day worth of classical music on Spotify

The freedom of choice on Spotify can be overwhelming and intimidating. Here is a helping hand in browsing you though some fine classical recordings, new and somewhat older, through a couple of classical music playlists. Behind every highlighted link is also the metadata, performers, works and sometimes composition and recording date. 

Here is the playlist of  concert I attended by concerto Copenhagen in 2013. The concert, with music by Bach and Vivaldi, is recreated here

Often, a classical symphony concert is programmed in “the sandwich” formula, an overture, a concerto and a symphony. I have made a French playlist with this formula with works by Saint-saens, Lalo and Chausson

If you think authentic performances only imply for Baroque works, here is a surprise; this playlist features Beethoven, Strauss (!), Ravel(!!) and Samuel Barber (!!!) on authentic instruments. 

Ever heard of the Miami string quartet? I did not, but they recorded a fine and fresh sounding Sting Quartet no 14 in G Major, KV 387 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Another concert recreation is that of the Szymanowski quartet, with works by Szymanowski, Weinberg and Lutoslawski, and one with works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Sibelius. 

If you are not paying for Spotify and you want long tracks without commercials, check this playlist.

Hope you will enjoy the selections! :-)

Music while you work. 1942, actually...

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