Sunday, July 10, 2016

Adult Contemporary Music on Spotify

Why on earth is there a “+16” sticker on this CD with Post Soviet Piano compositions? Is this dangerous, violent modern music not suited for kids or adolescents? Or does the +16 stand for something different… The review of this cd in music web international does not give a clue for this but emphasis on the same merits that attracted me in these recordings as well: what an interesting variety of players and, for me, unknown works! It was also on Spotify so you can explore this CD as well. Note that the recently “hyped” pianist Lukas Geniuas also performs at this record! 

Kirill Volkov (b.1943)
-Sonata No.5 (2010) 
Irina Bogdanova, piano
Tatiana Chudova (b.1944)
-Sonata (1996) 
Nikita Mndoyants, piano
Tolib Shakhidi (b. 1946)
-Picture itude; 'Sufi and Buddha' (2002) 
-Playing Backgammon (2008) 
Ekaterina Mechetina, piano
Yuri Vorontsov (b. 1952)
-Sirius (2005)
Fyodor Amirov, piano
Alexei Sergunin (b. 1988)
-Origami (2012)
Lukas Geniuas, piano
Alexei Sysoyev (b. 1972)
-Antiphases (2009)
Yuri Favorin, piano

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