Saturday, December 12, 2015

Claude Debussy and Ryuichi Sakamoto on spotify

Sometimes you just don’t have to write to much about a playlist;
Couple of days ago a Boris Berman CD with piano music by Debussy (colorful Suite Bergamasque in this recording!) pared fine with the music of Japanese pop/film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.
This article in the Telegraph actually showed the connection between both composers, an article I read after the serendipity connection I had between the two CD’s.
Funny. Hope you will enjoy the music too! 

Claude Debussy (1867-1918)
-La Boîte à Joujoux (1913) 
-Children’s Corner (1908)
-Suite Bergamasque (1905) 
-Le Petit Nègre (1909)

Boris Berman, piano
Rec 2001

Ryuichi Sakamoto (Born 1952)
-“A Day a Gorilla Gives a Banana” 1996
-“Rain"  (The Last Emperor) 1987
-“Bibo no Aozora" (Beauty of a Blue Sky, Smoochy) 1995
-“The Last Emperor"  (The Last Emperor) 1987
-"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) 1983
-“M.A.Y. in The Backyard"  (Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia) 1984
-“The Sheltering Sky" (The Sheltering Sky) 1990
-“A Tribute to N.J.P."  (Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia) 1984
-“High Heels (Main Theme)"  (High Heels), 1991
-“Torso of a Blue Cat” (Smoochy, 1995)
-“The Wuthering Heights"  (Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights), 1992
-“Parolibre"  (Futurista, 1986)
-“Acceptance (End Credit, Little Buddha), 1994
-“Before Long"  (Neo Geo) 1991
-“Bring them home"  (Smoochy, 1995)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - piano
Jaques Morelenbaum - cello
Everton Nelson - violin (tracks 1, 3 - 7, 9 - 12 & 14)
David Nadien - violin (tracks 2 & 8)

Barry Finclair - violin (tracks 13 & 15)
Rec 1996

(HTTP link)

Ryuichi Sakamoto

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