Thursday, August 27, 2015

Classical music playlists spotify

Survived survival in Belgium!
Dear readers, I will write some new blogposts again soon.
In the mean time, there are some playlists from the past I would like to highlight again, as they enlightened my wifi spots-in-the-wilderness last summer.

The rise of the North Italian violin concerto may nog sound like a dull title, but the three CD’s with concerto’s by Vivaldi and his predecessors are full of fire and wit. Recommended!

Johann Christian Bach and his surroundings (his father brothers and English colleagues) make some fine pre-classical listening experiences…

Excellent recordings by the Chung Trio (violinist Kyung-wha, pianist/conductor Myung-whun and cellist Myung-wha) in Mendelssohn and Brahms and the overlooked Shanghai Quartet in Mendelssohn and Grieg.

Cellist Quirine Viersen with Hummel, Beethoven, Haydn and Martinu, discoveries!

Program with Canadien pianist and harpsichordist (!) Marc-Andre Hamelin 

Beethoven, Johann Stauss jr. Maurice Ravel and Samuel Barber on authentic insturments…
(yes you read it right)

Hope you will enjoy these playlists again!

Flying around in Belgium ;-) 

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