Thursday, April 16, 2015

Enrique Granados concert april 19th 2015 op Hodenpijl

Between The Hague and Delft, (and a bit in the middle of nowhere ;-) a beautiful early 19th century church is hidden called “op Hodenpijl”. Sunday partial 19th the Dutch/Spanish Trio Rodin wil give a a concert (and lunch!) with music by Enrique Granados. And so much music by Granados is unknown! The piano trio op. 50, for example, has a tantalizing first movement, and deserves to be heard more. The Trio Rodin will play it Sunday; here I picked a recording by the LOM piano trio. They recorded it twice, but I prefer the earlier version. The Madrigal for cello is a nice performance piece, followed by the brief violin sonata, a work of only 12 minutes. Finally one of the Spanish dances from op 22. 
The trio will be playing many more pieces, not yet on Spotify, but that will probably change, as this summer they will record some of those pieces unavailable elsewhere. 

Hope you will enjoy this selection!

Enrique Granados (1867-1916)
Trio for violin, cello & piano, Op. 50, H. 140
LOM piano trio 
Joan Orpella, violin
José Mor, cello
Daniel Ligorio, piano

Madrigal in a minor, for cello and piano
Thomas Duran, cello  
Nicolas Mallarte, piano

Violin sonata
Frederieke Saeijs, violin
Maurice Lammets van Bueren, piano

Spanish dance op 22. no 3, “Romanza”
Katrin Scholz, violin
Gerald Fauth, piano
(HTTP link)
Op Hodenpijl Church (around 1820)

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