Sunday, January 4, 2015

Navis Classics on Spotify Beethoven by Naum Grubert and Zemstov viola quartet on Spotify

Courageous! Dutch producer Daan van Aalst (Channel classics, RCO live) started a new classical music label called „Navis Classics”. I heard about this on Twitter and at the Dutch national radio, where Daan had an interview (in Dutch) about the first two releases. 

First is the Beethoven CD by the Riga born pianist Naum Grubert, prize winner at the 1978 Tchaikovski competition, who now lives in the Netherlands and lectures at the conservatory of The Hague. Grubert has his own philosophy about the sonatas and on the site of Navis there is an interview where he explains his choices.

If viola recitals are rare, what to think about a viola quartet…? To make it even more remarkable, what about a quartet of viola’s, in which all players are family members… ! It’s the Zemstov viola quartet and on their first CD they play original (only the Piazolla is an arrangement) works for four viola’s by composers from the 19th (Guido Papini, Max von Weinzerl) and 20th century (York Bowen, Arne Werkman). They already received some fine reviews for this recording.

Fortunately for us, Navis has put the CD’s on Spotify, so we can all enjoy these recordings.
Hope to hear more from this label !

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1828)
Piano sonata no 31 in c minor op 111 
Piano sonata no 10 in G Major op 14 no 2 
Piano sonata no 17 in d minor op 31 no 2, „the Tempest” 
Naum Grubert, piano

Guido Pappini (1846-1912) - Quartet for four violas
York Bowen (1884-1961) - Fantasy Quartet op. 41 for four violas
Max von Weinzierl (1841-1898) - Nocturne op.34 for four violas
Arne Werkman (b. 1960) - Quarte Movements for four violas
Arvydas Malcys (b.1957) - Elegie for four violas
Daniel Zemtsov (b. 1996) - „Circle of diminished fifths" for four violas
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) - Verano porteno, Milonga del Angel, Muerte del Angel (arr.) 
Zemstov Viola Quartet
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