Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Johann Franz Xavier Sterkel Muziekdragerij Spotify

Guilt. As said earlier, you have those feelings sometimes… Especially when you walk into such a nice environment as „De Muziekdragerij”, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. If you ever come to visit the Netherlands, don’t *only go* to Amsterdam or Rotterdam; it’s cities like Leiden and Dordrecht are sò much more interesting, as many of our foreign friends endorse… 
But, guilt… The Muziekdragerij is one of those shops that once made your heart make a leap when you entered; music, posters, and a selection of CD’s that offered more than the Cecilia Bartoli-only-section… Early music, small labels, the-things-you-loved-on-the-big-labels, to cut short, the classical CD shop you always wanted. And then came Spotify. 
Availability over quality, no info over well written booklets *well, most of the time, that is*, cold hearted delivery over a fine conversation in a nice environment, but accessible with a mouse click and horn of plenty abundance in music choice. 
Yes, ladies and gentleman, guilt… 
Luckily, the Muziekdragerij has a nice selection of vintage vinyl and the early stereo Supraphon’s want to make me come back for more exploration. And I hope with this story I will have cultivated enough interest to make you come to the Voorstraat’s finest shop. Then why the guilt? The Muziekdragerij also has a Facebook page, and on that I read about this wonderful new Deutsche Harmonia Mundi CD, with a composer, early music band and conductor I never heard of.
And I enjoyed it. 
On Spotify… 

Johann Franz Xavier Sterkel (1750-1817)
“Once you’ve heard Sterkel, you can understand Beethoven’s early works better,”  (Werner Ehhardt)
-Symphony no 1 in D-major op 35.1 (1800)
-Symphony no 2 in Bb-major op 35.2 (1800)
-Overture a grande orchestre.

L’Arte del Mondo
Werner Ehhardt, conductor
(HTTP link)

Muziekdragerij interior. Photo by Joop Schilp

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