Monday, September 15, 2014

Franz Berwald Sixten Ehrling on Spotify

Studying musicology, one of the absolute joy’s of the Utrecht University was the library’s record collection. While CD’s already replaced LP as the core carrier of canned music, there were still a large amount of recordings that only could be found in the vinyl format. Browsing through the collection I found a Decca record with a composer and conductor never before heard of; 
„The Sinfonie Singulière (1845) composed by Franz Berwald (1796-1868), played by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sixten Ehrling”. Performance en composition amazed me. Was this a symphony from the 1840’s? Original and daring harmonies, structural novices and fines orchestration flowed through my headphones, and the rendition by Ehrling was superb. I tried to find to record on CD, but to my amazement it was not re-issued yet. Shortly after finding this record, the Gramophone magazine had a top 10 list of „LP’s that should be put on CD”, and guess what, this record peaked at no 1…
Finally not Decca, but a tiny label called „Bluebell” issued this LP on CD, and recently I was glad to find out they also made this record available on Spotify. Give this remarkable symphony a listen…!

Franz Berwald (1796-1868)

Symphony no 3 in C-Major, Sinfonie Singulière (1845)
Symphony no 4 in Eb-Major, Sinfonie Naïve (1845)

London Symphony Orchestra, Sixten Ehrling
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